The Scripture reading for tomorrow is 1 Kings 18:16-39.



It was the perfect place for a showdown. That's what our tour guide told the group that Cheryl and I were a part of in 2008 when I took this picture from the top of Mount Carmel. If those trees and shrubs weren't there, you can see almost across the whole country of Israel from this point. The mountain is surrounded by plains so that this place was the perfect viewing theatre for the showdown between God and Baal. 

It was at this point (or somewhere near it) that Elijah, the "troubler of Israel" stood and confronted Ahab and all of Baal's prophets (the real troublers of Israel). It was here where God showed His power and called His people back.

No one could mistake what happened that day. This was the perfect stage for God to show his people that He, in fact, was the only God and Baal was nothing.

The implications of this showdown reach into our lives today. We don't worship Baal today, but there are other things and other "gods" that want our attention, admiration, and allegiance. But here, in this most perfect outdoor theatre, God shows us that He is powerful, that He is who He says He is, and He calls us to stand with Elijah and place all our trust in Him, declaring, "The Lord -- He is God!"

Are we with Him?