We will gather together for worship on Thursday evening for a Lessons and Carols and Candlelight service, and again on Sunday to celebrate Christmas.


Advent is almost over. Our "waiting" is almost over. Although the truth is that our waiting isn't over when December 25 comes. Our celebration of Christmas reminds us that we are waiting for something more ... we are waiting for Jesus' second Advent, we are waiting for things to be made right, we are waiting for justice, and peace, and real happiness, and freedom from fear, ... we are waiting for the final and complete fulfillment of all God's promises.

To go along with my Advent blog at the beginning of the month about Advent calendars I was going to write another this week about "waiting" now that they are almost done. However, I found this blog post by Betsy Childs Howard on the Gospel Coalition, which, says what I wanted to get at, only better. So, rather than try to write the same thing, here's a link to the article:

"Waiting for more than Christmas" by Betsy Childs Howard

 I encourage you to read it.